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Headway College offers several Intermediate programs

Headway College offers several programs to help you choose the right prospect to pursue your ambitions. Whether your interest lies in medicine, engineering, or becoming an entrepreneur, we can guide you through the proper channels.

Our programs have been specially designed to facilitate students to make the right choice for their future. All programs are taught by highly qualified faculty and academic specialists who can teach effectively and provide proper life skills and knowledge to help students succeed in their professional lives. These programs allow students to formulate their pathways for their future, and Headway College leaves no stone unturned to provide all the necessary learning outcomes that can be thought of.


The F.Sc Pre-Medical program at Headway College aims to establish the first steps towards building your career in medicine and other related fields. After completing this program successfully, students can be assured of a successful profession in medicine.


The F.Sc Pre-Engineering program at Headway College intends to prepare students for several engineering fields. Our extensive study plan sharpens mental abilities as well as constructs proper methodologies to succeed in engineering universities. This program prepares and provides students with knowledge to overcome all future professional hardships.


Our ICS program is exceptionally designed for students who want to pursue their careers in computer science and information technology. The course content along with profound technology available at Headway College enhances the skills and competencies of students to become tech experts of the future


The I.Com program is articulated for students who desire to become professionals in the fields of Commerce and Accounting. It prepares students to join promising professions in accountancy and related fields.


Join our Fine Arts program to pursue a career in arts, humanities, journalism, media, or related fields. Our experienced faculty and on-campus art labs provide hands-on learning experiences that develop practical skills and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Our rigorous curriculum prepares you for the competitive landscape of the arts industry.

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