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At Headway College, we strive to ensure our students have a comfortable and exciting learning journey. We provide various facilities and resources to create a conducive and purposeful learning environment to achieve this goal. Our classrooms are fully equipped with air-conditioning, and our computer labs have the latest processor generations. We also have modern laboratories designed for experiments and practical work and a well-stocked library that guarantees an exceptional learning experience for our students.


Headway College possesses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The computer labs have new generation computers to help our youth develop an interest in IT & Computer Science. Expert computer teachers and practitioners guide students in the proper usage and implications of computers. The science lab facilities include necessary chemicals, surgical tools, a model skeleton, models for body parts, and microscopes for a detailed analysis of tissues and cells. These labs are the base house of future expert doctors, engineers & researchers. Hence, we provide students with a practical experience facilitating their professional careers.


Apart from regular classes, students are given extra coaching classes to increase their understanding of the courses. These classes facilitate students who need additional attention for their coursework and help them grasp the primary curriculum well. Headway College also arranges parent-teacher meetings (PTM) to keep a transparent relationship with the parents so they know their child’s progress well.


Highly qualified and top-tier faculty educates the students’ minds and provides them with the tools required to prosper in their journey at an educational institute. At Headway, we boast about our esteemed faculty members and their years of rigorous experience. Our faculty members are trained to deliver students an experience like no other. They focus on completing course contents and guide students through the learning process involving problem-solving, one-to-one test discussions, and assistance during student assessments.


Headway’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based application designed for a centralised source of educational resources for students and information for parents. These learning resources are available on an online portal to be accessed at any time and anywhere. Students can download PDFs and other course-related files from this web-based system without the hassle of paper printing. E-learning-based education and the online portal facility are highly operative at Headway College, where students can take video lectures online and tests and feedback simultaneously.


We focus on taking frequent tests, where students can track their weekly and monthly progress. As E-learning is now an integral part of our educational system, we conduct both on-campus and online tests. Students are highly encouraged to take online exams as it helps us assess their shortcomings so the faculty members can guide them accordingly.


Headway students are provided with an up-to-date library with a sound environment, aiding students with an extraordinary opportunity to develop insights alongside coursework. Libraries are one of the most important aspects of a modern educational system, and their advantages are undeniable. We have many books, periodicals and journals for our students to enhance their knowledge. Students can utilise the library’s silence to focus on their studies and reading experiences.

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