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Headway College offers the best faculty and pedagogical foundation for the following courses: F.Sc Pre-Medical, F.Sc Pre-Engineering, ICS, I.Com and F.A. The laboratory equipment installed for research and experiments aligns with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore’s (BISE Lahore) standards. It has all the necessary chemicals and apparatus required for research at an intermediate level. Our computer labs are equipped with the latest software, operating systems, and processors, considering the course’s significance.

Along with academic opportunities, Headway College offers a dynamic set of extracurricular activities where students can participate in their favourite sports and expand their worldview through frequent educational and excursion trips. We at Headway College will never compromise on the quality and opportunities necessary for nurturing our students’ intellectual and physical aptitude during the two years spent with us. DOWNLOAD PROSPECTUS


The mission of Headway College is to become recognized as a torchbearer of leading educational methods and an institution that has students defining a future not only for themselves but for the world as well. Our College aims to provide the tools and opportunities for students to build and fully explore their intellectual and physical capacities, so they become model citizens of the 21st century.


Headway College’s motto is to create leaders for tomorrow. We believe not only in providing educational excellence but also working on character development. Following are the core values that we abide by:


Our vision is to promulgate an ambition that not only desires to achieve excellence but outshine distinctively to exalt generations to come.


Headway College is dedicated to inspiring students to discover and unleash their true potential while fostering a culture of unwavering commitment and faithfulness.


At Headway College, we strive to inspire our students to embrace discipline, ethics, morals, honesty, and integrity, leading them to become responsible and respected individuals in society.


We advocate for students to seize opportunities and unleash their full potential by integrating new concepts. Our goal is to empower students to positively impact their respective fields by providing them with the necessary tools and resources.


We are committed in providing all kinds of support and help which can enable our students to excel in their careers. And also help them to become empowered citizens of the country.

Headway College is a dream project that brewed in my mind many years ago when I decided to devote my expertise to the service of the people and my nation. After serving in the UK for over a decade and closely observing the education system here on many levels, I have gotten the knack of understanding what is required to enhance and improve the current educational culture in Pakistan.

My mission is to bring together leaders of the future in an environment of utmost academic standards incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving a remarkable and excellent percentage of results. I firmly believe that education is the key to a nation’s progress and it’s our bounded duty to provide the best academic opportunity to our students.

With the vision of an empowered youth who are willing to chase their dreams, who are willing to break cycles, who are willing to thrive for change, I lay the foundations of Headway College.

Mutaf Rifat | Signature Chairman Headway Group of Colleges

There are many ways that you can bring about change, but I believe that there is no greater impact that you can make than by spreading education and empowering students who will inspire and teach others, who, in turn, will educate and empower more.

One of our responsibilities as an institution of higher education is to shape the world in which we live. Our mission lays the platform for students to define a future not only for themselves but the world, as when you educate people you take down all barriers.

We welcome students to come together to grow holistically and become citizens who think deeply and lead passionately.

We are fierce. We are innovative. We are Headway Striders!

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