Extra Curricular Activities1 | Headway College

Headway College fully focuses on the students overall development by not only educating them to gain knowledge about their specific courses but also by getting them involved in extra-curricular activities. This wholesome experience encourages students to become a part of the College community, which helps in enhanced learning experience. We provide a vast range of cultural, educational, sports and social activities for our students. Our goal is to help students make the most of their time at Headway College by providing them useful learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Welcome and Farewell Party

From beginning till end, Headway College aims to create a memorable experience for our students. We welcome them with open arms and bid them farewell with prayers for their future endeavors.

Cultural Events

We aim to organize fun filled cultural festivals and fairs for our students where they can exhibit their artistic potentials.

Educational and Recreational Trips

Headway organizes exciting knowledge and recreation based trips for students which are governed by rules and supervised by our experienced staff members.


An annual sports event is organized by Headway College allowing students to compete with each other in various sports. The winners are rightly awarded.

Musical Festival

Headway College organizes an annual musical festival, where prominent musicians and singers are invited to give performances for the students.

Annual Debates

Debates encourage students to bring forward their ideas on various social, political and historical topics. It exposes them to the practicalities of life and allows them to experience competitive debating. Trophies and cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

Quiz Competition

Headway College conducts quiz competitions on a regular basis where students can participate to showcase their intelligence and knowledge on various subjects.

Essay Writing

Headway College always motivates young writers to come forth and share their views on different topics by holding essay competitions. This encourages the young minds to explore and show their talent.